Maximum entertainment and 100% motorsports action for all visitors!

At the MITAS ROCKET RIDE - the spectacular opening race on Thursday - more than 300 registered riders go head-to-head as they bid to conquer an extremely steep 4-stories uphill climb right close to the Erzbergrodeo Arena!

The Mitas Rocket Ride racetrack is only a couple of minutes by feet away from the Arena and offers a visitor zone and food stands right in middle of the uphill racetrack!Friday and Saturday are all about the BLAKLÄDER IRON ROAD PROLOGUE as the world's biggest and most colourful starting grid of 1750 riders aim to achieve the fastest race time at the "Iron Giant".

The Blakläder Iron Road Prologue starting area is in close reach of the Erzbergrodeo Artena with only a couple of minutes walk. At 8:00 in the morning visitors can spot the world's elite Xtreme Enduro riders tackle the high-speed gravel racetrack on their hunt for each tenth of a second. The visitor zone "Brecher" is in walking distance of only 15 minutes from the Erzbergrodeo Arena and offers a more curvy part of the racetrack where riders show their skills at high-speed drifts!Sunday is time for the legenardy ERZBERGRODEO RED BULL HARE SCRAMBLE, regarded as the world's toughest and most renowned challenge in Xtreme Enduro racing.

From the Erzbergrodeo Arena visitors reach the starting area in less than 10 minutes by feet and are rewarded with a perfect view on the breathtaking starting procedure of all 10 rows of the starting grid as well as on the first gnarly uphill sections.

We highly recommend to watch the "Erzbergrodeo meets Rally Dakar" showrun right before the start of the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble - featuring Dakar legend Stephane Peterhansel and Matthias Walkner, the winner of the Rally Dakar 2018. Both athletes will display the fascinating potential of their Rally car and KTM 450 Rally Factory bike.

From the starting area sporty visitors can reach the iconic checkpoint "Wasserleitung" within 25 minutes of walking distance. 15 more minutes by feet and you reach the visitor zones at checkpoints "Badewanne" and "Zumpferlwald" - both are well known parts of the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble racetrack which seperate the men from the boys...!

For all visitors seeking a more comfortable experience of the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble we offer a place at the grandstands inside the INTERWETTEN ACTION ARENA. The complete race is broadcasted Live on two big video screens, featuring lots interesting side informations, interviews and lookbacks on the history of the World Xtreme Enduro Supreme.

A special highlight of course is the moment when the winner is crossing the finish line inside the Interwetten Action Arena...The Erzbergrodeo Info Point located at the main entry of the Erzbergrodeo Arena offers area maps, time schedules and the official Erzbergrodeo XX4 event brochure to all visitors for free.

EBRXX4 Besucherplan
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11. - 14. June 2020
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